29 Mar 2017

4R Phosphorus Management Practices for Major Commodity Crops of North America

Phosphorus plays crucial roles in biology and sustainability. It's particularly important in crop nutrition. 4R practices for phosphorus management have great potential to improve both crop yields and water quality. This paper reviews a science-based effort to describe such practices.

28 Mar 2017

Webinar 04/12 - Highlights from the Frontiers of Potassium Science Conference

Dr. Murrell will provide highlights of the conference and direct attendees to a wealth of online resources developed from the conference.

22 Mar 2017

Plant Nutrition Today 2017, Issue #1 No. 3

A quarterly series featuring current issues on plant nutrition. Our weekly highlighted article is "FAVORABLE SOIL pH: DOES IT REALLY INCREASE NUTRIENT USE EFFICIENCY?" by Dr. Luís Prochnow.

21 Mar 2017

Frontiers of Potassium Science Conference Website

The recorded oral presentations, posters, and conference proceedings are now available to view!

17 Mar 2017

Informaciones Agronómicas de Hispanoamérica

Número 25, Marzo 2017

02 Mar 2017

Overcoming Human Zinc Deficiencies with Proper Fertilization

Zinc (Zn) deficiency in human diets causes people to have many health complications, including impaired brain development, weakened immune systems, and stunted growth. Zinc deficiency is responsible for the deaths of 450,000 children annually. Low Zn intake is clearly a major issue, especially among women, children, and the elderly living in the developing world.

24 Feb 2017

2017 IPNI Catalog

Download the new 2017 catalog of educational materials from the International Plant Nutrition Institute. The catalog is complete with order forms and instructions on ordering from IPNI.

21 Feb 2017

Better Crops with Plant Food, 2017, No. 1

Issue features 4R potassium management in apple production in North China, intensive soybean management, and much more!

10 Feb 2017

Scholar Awards Program 2017

Students in the disciplines of soil and plant sciences including agronomy, horticulture, ecology, soil fertility, soil chemistry, crop physiology, and other areas related to plant nutrition are encouraged to apply.

01 Feb 2017

Research with Impact

Fire strikes many fields in the Cerrado region of Brazil every winter due to weather conditions of high temperatures and low humidity. Some fires happen accidentally or farmers intentionally burn cover crops, crop residues, and pastures. Farmers wondered if the fire had an effect on their fertilizer, or if reapplication was needed so a partnership with IPNI and local researchers was established to investigate the effect.